Poll Results are in!

Poll Results for Do you like the bark that was laid in the park?

What concerns/issues do you have with the bark? (results)

  1. It’s better than the dirt. But some areas get “bogged down” when it rains. Probabaly better than big mud puddles
  2. When it rains, it’s soggy and large pools of water develop. Unsanitary for people walking in the soggy mulch. Shove the mulch to the fence lining to even the ground, rather than have the slope with the gravel filling in the holes.
  3. The park isn’t properly drained so it turns into a big mud pit right in the middle of the park and because the bark acts like a sponge it stays like that for days at a time.
  4. I hate it. It is muddy and now the poop blends in more than ever. What if there is a sharp piece of wood that gets stuck in a dogs foot was my first thought when I walked in. I prefer the sad over that junk any day. It’s not even enjoyable for me to go with my dog because I’m have to brush woodchips off her balls and my dog. Is spitting out wood ship and has hacked on them almost every time we go.
  5. Does not drain, makes my pup super muddy. With the sand, my pup would get dirty but once dried, would fall right off. With the bark, he stays muddy and gross hours after we’ve left the park (like tonight). Love the park, but hate the bark!
  6. Muddy and no drainage. The dogs love it the humans don’t.
  7. excessive wetness; filthy for dogs to play through; standing water can make dogs ill if it is drunk; have found dangerous things like mangled wire buried in the bark
  8. None – will keep the puddles away. Thank you!
  9. Young kids unatended and running in the park..ppl bringing in human food like a picnic.aggressive dogs.ppl need to realize its a dog park and sometimes u get peed on.iam trying to teach mine manners but ive gotten peed on and luaghed since most males in the park lift there legs to everything.
  10. It makes the park incredibly wet and hard to walk around in. my dog comes home soaked even if it hasn’t rained.
  11. The mud!
  12. Absorbs the water which is part of the purpose of bark for trees and plants, when people don’t pick up their dogs doodoo u can’t see it, and other day in play my dog ended up getting some in her eye when running
  13. Need drainage solution as it just filled in the holes. I don’t use the park for a couple of days after rain because of this.
  14. Hiding dangerous stuff
  15. It is too flooded and doesn’t drain
  16. The whole center of the park is now a mud pit.
  17. It seems to get more mushy and wet than the dirt did. Causes giant sloshy puddles
  18. Certain areas have bad drainage right through the middle making it a sink hole of mud.
  19. It retains to much water and causes major muddy areas that do not dry up even after a week has passed from the rain.