General Membership Meeting Minutes 8/5/17

Aug 5, 17; Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.
Attendance—Rob Boddy, Mike and Kay Daling, Beth Reed, Lori Raymaker, others
Election—Rob Boddy voted as President, Mike Daling as Vice-President, Beth Reed as Secretary, Kay Daling as Treasurer
Lori—Parks Department is not allowing power equipment because of hot, dry conditions; Rob can mow if someone has a charged water line and is before 1 p.m.; planning to do it in the morning. Expectation is restrictions will last till end August
Would like to keep the mower in park but no place to store it; Dori would like to have a shed to store it in; discussion of pros and cons of putting a shed in the back of big dog area; would need a fundraiser to purchase a shed; Lori asked if we would send out an email asking if someone had a place and a vehicle to transport it; what about Conex box? Talk with Home Depot;
Water line move—they cannot do it now because of understaffing; they will loan a trencher to do it; Parks will provide pipes and other needs; we would need to do labor; we would like to put in a concrete pad as well
Mulch—Should it be removed? Discussion followed. Vote11 to 1 to keep the bark
Communication—county had meeting with public works, parks department and county commissioner in attendance—Dog Park board felt that the county is bad at communicating between departments—All agreed to communicate better and in a timelier manner on the county level; county needs dog park users to communicate with dog park board and the board would talk with Lori about concerns
Dog park needs to communicate more with users; meetings are usually poorly attended—3-7; memberships are not happening this year; work parties not well attended, except for May (only two people Rob & Mike attended July); suggested that board talk with users face-to-face; have more newsletters able to be picked up and posted on website/Facebook/kiosk; any requests called into county will be met with “please, communicate with dog park board”
Fundraising—cannot have vendors to promote business; can donate to the park and we can give them the advertising board; Enterprise memberships—Silver City may be interested ($300.00 or in-kind donation); Beth is willing, Kay will help with a membership drive/raffle; Kay moved and Beth seconded to have dog park provide $200.00 as seed money for fundraiser/membership drive, approved by voice vote; need to get dates set asap
Treasurer’s report
Board members; stewardship groups—stewardship groups are asked to rotate board members every two years; need to get a secretary; could have a development coordinator; membership coordinator;
Grants—Duck grant is possible; parks department—need to have a capital planning meeting to plan for that and have the request to Lori by mid-January
Meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.