2019 Work Plan

The Parks and Rec department is asking that organizations they coordinate with submit a work plan for 2019. Therefore, I am asking that anyone who has a suggestion for a project for the Dog Park they would like to have pursued submit a proposal. This proposal should include a description of the project, project cost, wherein the park it would happen, how the work would be accomplished, projected timeline, etc.–anything you can think of that would help someone understand what you would like to have happened.

Please send your suggestions as soon as you can so it can be included in the work plan, if adopted and feasible. I know this is asking a lot in this busy time of year, Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

Please send your proposal to all the following in one email: president@silverdaledogpark.org, vicepresident@silverdaledogpark.org, treasurer@silverdaledogpark.org,