The Silverdale Dog Park would like to give a special thank you…


Memberships & Donations

The Silverdale Dog Park is and will always be FREE to use.
We are offering Silverdale Dog Park memberships as an ongoing fundraiser for the park.
Membership is not required to use the park but we hope that you will consider becoming a member to help support the park and the volunteers efforts in keeping the park open.


Dedication Plaque

Online Ordering is now available!

Barking News

Whats going on at and around the park.

2019 Work Plan

The Parks and Rec department is asking that organizations they coordinate with submit a work plan for 2019. Therefore, I am asking that anyone who has a suggestion for a project for the Dog Park they would like to have pursued submit a proposal. This proposal should include a description of the project, project cost, […]

Water Shut off in the Park Until December 28th

Due to the status of the Leaking Faucet in the Dog Park, the Water will be shut off until December 28th so that repairs can be made. We should have water back on by the afternoon of December 28th. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Closed for Maintenance

Take a Ball / Leave a Ball Box

Take a Ball / Leave a Ball Box Thank You! The Silverdale Dog Park Board of Directors and all the Users of The Silverdale Dog Park would like to express our gratitude to the generous donation of a Take a Ball/Leave a Ball box donated by Jason Carlson for his Senior Project; Change the World Project.   […]

Coyotes spotted on Clear Creek Trail

We have been advised that visitors have spotted coyotes on the Clear Creek Trail. As always make sure your pet is on a leash and in your control.

Dogs & Cats and Vehicles in the Cold

Please be mindful as you go out in the chill this season. On cold days/nights, dog and cats are looking for somewhere warm to lay and avoid the chill of the season also, vehicle tires and engines provide a nice warm spot to lay. Check your tires and under your car to make sure no […]